Spent a fun two days in Washington, D.C. at the program orientation. Great start to the day with an early morning monument run. We were able to speak with some people from the state department and get introduced to all the different resources available to us, along with an overview of our year abroad. This morning we woke up at 2:30 am and flew to Dallas. Now we just boarded our flight to Beijing. It’s a 14 hour flight! I’m getting so excited to think about being back in China and starting school there. 😁✈️✈️🇨🇳

One thought on “Flying!✈️

  1. I feel fully the excitement of your adventure. Even though we are back instantly into the routine of another school year, our lives here at home feel like a big adventure just imagining what you are doing! I guess this is the definition of living vicariously.


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