After a 14 hour flight, we arrived in China on Thursday. ✈️🇨🇳 We met some staff from Beijing 80 High School (the school where I will be studying at). They picked us up from the airport and escorted us back to the school. We set up our stuff in the dorms. We all have roommates who are also international students, mine is this super sweet girl from Thailand!  The next few days were spent doing some orientation classes at the school, buying things for the dorm, and exploring Beijing. It’s been so exciting to be back in China and able to practice some Chinese. All the kids on the program are so fun, outgoing, and good at Chinese!! It’s fun getting help from some of the more experienced kids. Some of my favorite moments from the past few days include practicing speaking Chinese while getting to know my roommate, working out with my friend Alex , eating at a delicious dumpling resturant, ordering some taro bubble tea (my favorite!!) and experiencing a crowded, very authentic Beijing subway experience. Tomorrow morning we start class, bright and early at 7 am. Can’t wait to learn more Chinese! 😊

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