First Week of School 😁

Today marks the end of the first week! So exciting to start school and get into the swing of things. Here is a brief  overview of the school I’m at and how things work: we are studying at a school called Beijing Number 80 High School. This is a public school that many Chinese students attend. The other NSLI students and I are part of the I international  department. Below is a photo of my friends Alex and Mia, standing in front of our school building!


We spend most of our day in classes devoted to learning Chinese with other international students, but we have lunch, electives, and gym with the Chinese students. Everyone lives in dorms on campus and gets a uniform. Below is a picture from a ceremony that happened yesterday, the NSLI students are sitting on the far right.

IMG_0646.JPG Below is a picture from the first day of school, all of us repping our Beijing No. 80 uniform! 


Here is a picture of our classroom.

IMG_0671.JPG.jpegClass has been pretty hard! All the other students here have taken Chinese at their high schools, and since I never have I am more of a beginner than them. The classes are taught mostly in Chinese so it is a challenge, but I already feel myself making progress. There has been a ton of homework, lots of memorizing characters and new vocab! Even though the class work and homework is very intense (we spend about 7 hours a day in Chinese class and then 2 hours a night on homework), the teachers are so nice and adaptive, and have been very helpful and encouraging . Below is a picture of some of the vocabulary I’m learning, along with my notes where I practice the characters.

IMG_0654.JPGBesides class, I’ve enjoyed eating ALOT of dumplings, working out, and playing soccer!! 😁 再见!


3 thoughts on “First Week of School 😁

  1. 1. love the progress honestly idk how you do it that’s insane
    2. tbh i hate the uniforms
    3. soccer is the best
    4. jk dumplings are the best – bao zi or jiao zi????


  2. Looks like your having an amazing time in China, we love reading your blog- it’s fun to see everything that you have been doing.
    We love and miss you!

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  3. Those assemblies remind me when i was in school in Costa Rica ❤️ We were also wearing uniforms, in perfect straight lines but we had to stand up for the whole assembly


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