Hutongs, Drum Tower, and Embassy Adventures!

What a fun week! We were able to visit some really cool places and see more of Beijing this week which was super exciting. Above is a picture of me at the Hutongs- so cool. The Hutongs are traditional Beijing alleyways. Below are a few photos from the Hutongs.



We spotted a woman selling these hats  and we decided to invest in some must have Peppa the Pig Supreme gear.


Below is a picture of Mia and I in front of the Gulou, the Drum Tower of Beijing. 


Here is a photo in front of Houhai Lake with Brian, Alex, Simon, Claudia, Thoraeu, and Mia. The area around the lake has been converted into restaurants, bars, and cafes. It was a super cool spot!


We went to the U.S. embassy and actually had a chance to meet with Ambassador Branstad! We were able to ask him questions about his job and listen to his views on certain issues. After we met with a few foreign service officers who described their jobs, it was so exciting to hear! This was really exciting because many of us hope to have this job one day.


Here is a picture of a sunset we saw while on a rooftop garden. Thanks to Beijing’s great subway system, it has been super fun and do-able to navigate the city! It’s exciting to be exploring new places with the amazing friends I’ve made.


All in all, this week was a good one! Between settling into the dorms, making new friends, adjusting to the academic schedule, making gains in Chinese, and exploring new places, it has been really great. I finally am starting to feel a sense of place, and I’m happy to be finding my groove. Although it is difficult to be a beginner in the language, I’ve already found myself making a lot of improvements due to the rigorous class work. I’m looking forward to spending another 8 months here, furthering my Chinese skills, knowledge of Chinese culture, and experiences! Can’t wait for what the future holds! ✌🏽



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