Beijing 80 Track Meet!

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These past few weeks have been full of new experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. In this post I’m going to focus on the cool things that us Beijing 80 students were able to take part in. The first was a performance that my friend Sarah described perfectly in a blog post she wrote — here it is below.


“To celebrate 40 years of China’s Open Door Policy, Beijing No. 80 High School held a performance featuring choirs, music ensembles, martial arts, traditional Chinese dance and dragon dance. We NSLI-Y students had the opportunity to participate in the performance, singing a song called “Jasmine Flower,” to the accompaniment of Beijing 80’s award winning traditional instrument orchestra. Getting to perform together, surrounded by the beautiful sound of all the instruments, was such an incredible experience!”


Perhaps one of the most fun things to happen on campus since I’ve been here was the school wide sports meet that took place this past Friday. This was one of the most well organized, exciting, and eventful things I’ve been part of! The highlight of the meet was the very elaborate opening ceremony, in which almost all the students took part in. All the different classes had to choreograph a dance that they would perform. We all lined up around the track, each dressed in various costumes, and marched until it was our turn to dance. Below is a picture from our dance (choreographed by the one and only Sarah).

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After the dance was complete, we marched to the field and listened to speakers give welcomes and announcements. This was an impactful experience because I was able to be part of something that I’ve never done before. I was amazed at how orderly and precise the opening ceremony went, and how cool it was to watch! After this, the track meet began! For many students, this was the less exciting part of the day, but for a lot of the NSLI students who are track runners at home (including myself,) this was the thrilling part. There were so many people participating, I think the 100 meter dash had 30 heats total! 

When it was time for my first event- the 800- I was bubbling with energy; both with nerves and excitement. There were 100 girls running this event, so they divided us up in 4 heats of 25 each. Once we set off, I fell into my rhythm. It was such a surreal experience, racing the same event that I ran in high school, but here, across the world. I could hear the cheers from my friends, shouting encouragment and my name. I was near the middle of the pack and when I hit the second lap, there was still a girl in front of me. I remember getting a deep surge of confidence, and on the last 200 hitting my stride. I passed her, sprinted the last 100, and came in first! I later found out I had the fastest time out of all the heats. It was such an amazing feeling, to be doing what I love in such a different environment. Below is a picture of me crossing the finish line.

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Then it was time for my second event of the day – the 4×100. This was the event everyone was most excited for, because every class had a different team representing them. It was super fun because I was running with three of my closest friends here; Alex, Mia, and Sarah! Here is a picture of Alex at the start of the race.


Here is a cool action shot of me and Sarah’s hand off.

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And even cooler … we ended up winning this race too! Below is a picture of me crossing the finish line.

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Here is a picture of our team after the finish (catch us sporting our NSLI shirts!)


Next up was the boys race. We excitedly cheered them on, and they also got first! We were filled with so much pride, all of our friends were cheering and screaming from the stand. It was such a special moment. Below is a picture of both the boys and girls relay teams. 


This was such a special day, and there was so much good energy. I had a great time! Here are some more fun pictures of some of the other students who competed today (And my new minion backpack) 😎




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